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Wild Alaska Surimi Seafood



  • Surimi seafood can be made from many different fish species
  • The highest quality surimi seafoods are made with genuine Alaska Pollock and flavored with crab, shrimp, scallops, or lobster


  • It is formed, cooked and cut in a variety of portions and styles
    • - Whole legs
    • - Mini-cuts
    • - Chunk meat
    • - Shreds

preparation tips:

  • Pre-cooked and ready-to-use (thaw if necessary)
  • Convenient to use in any recipe calling for the flavor of shellfish

harvesting methods:

  • Trawling
  • Longlining
  • Jig Fishing

nutrition facts:

  • Premium quality, made from genuine Alaska Pollock
  • A good source of high quality protein
  • Naturally low in fat, cholesterol and calories Nutritional values for Alaska Surimi Seafood vary depending on the brand and product form; please check the package label for specifics