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Harvesting Info

Harvesting Wild Alaska Whitefish Varieties



  • Trawling is conducted offshore throughout the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands
  • Selected areas of Alaskan waters are closed to bottom trawling to protect sensitive habitats of fishes and marine mammals


  • Large, funnel-shaped nets called trawls are towed by fishing vessels
  • The mouth of the trawl is kept open as it moves through the water – upon locating a school, the vessel trawls through the school and captures the fish
  • The catch is either processed onboard the vessel, or delivered to shore side plants


  • Trawls are the only fishing method used to harvest Alaska Pollock and sole
  • They also catch most of the Pacific cod harvest but never halibut, salmon, or crab
  • The catch is processed onboard or chilled and processed within hours of harvest, preserving its high quality